15 Benefits of a Massage Gun

The popularity of an effective tool, the massage gun, is growing day by day, and we understand why. Even though there is discussion about whether we are actually healthier than years ago, there is more focus on health than back in the days. From working smarter, smoking being out of trend and simply knowing more about health, we are starting to take our health more seriously. Where you had to “suck it up” when you were dealing with pain, you can now use tools to help you help relief you from your pain. Want to know

Benefits of a Massage gun for your Body

First and foremost, probably the main reason why you look into a massage gun, is the benefits it has for your body. A massage gun has many benefits for the body. From pain relief to making your quality of life better.

Decreases Pain

Did you know that around 20 percent of adults struggle with chronic pain of many sorts? Chronic pain can severely influence the quality of life. Not only because it is more difficult to do certain activities or because work gets harder to do, but also because it may make people feel hopeless, depressed and can increase anxiety. A massage gun can help decrease muscle pain, a pain many of us know. Want to know how this works exactly? Read more about how massagers can reduce muscle pain.

Benefits Percussive Massager

A Massage Gun warms Muscles Up

Okay, but tell me honestly… do you take a enough time and effort to warm your muscles up? Warming up your muscles before exercising is extremely important and prevents you from getting injuries: something that can happen in any sport, to anyone. Don’t take “Oh, but my body can handle it!” as an answer and warm up your muscles well, trust me. Warming up your muscles is important because it increases the temperature of your muscles, which increases the availability of oxygen to your muscles, therefor making it easier for them to relax and contract. On top of that, the elasticity of your muscles increases when warming up, making you less prone to injuries. All the reason to take your warm-ups more seriously. A massage gun is a great addition to your warm up routine, since it gets your blood flowin’ and the oxygen goin’.

Decreases knots

Many of us have had knots – those hard, tense and sometimes bumpy parts in your muscle. These knots develop by overusing a certain muscle. This can be caused even by having your computer screen too low, so you’re the muscles in and around your neck are overused. In these overused muscles, too little oxygen arrives at the muscle to provide for how much this muscle is used. Your body provides for enough to still keep the muscle working. This process without oxygen forms lactic acid. Long story short: most of this acid is automatically removed by your body. However, some parts stay behind and build up to a knot over time, causing pain. What do you do when your blender has difficulty blending your banana? You break it into pieces. A massage gun does the same thing to these knots. By massaging it, carefully, the massage gun breaks down these knots, so the toxins can be easier flushed out via your blood. The benefit of a massage gun is that it directly influences the size of the knot and the pain that comes with it.

Preventing you from DOMS

DOMS, stands for delayed onset muscle soreness, is muscle pain – soreness that develops not during or right after a workout but more around two days after a workout. A massage gun. A massage gun warms up your muscles well and can help with preventing DOMS and therefore will decrease soreness.

Reaching Goals Faster

An indirect benefit of massage gun is that it is easier to reach your goals. Do you notice that pain is preventing you from doing certain things? Like, pushing yourself to the limit or getting that extra workout in every week. When using a massage gun when you warm up and other times when you feel like you need it, you prevent yourself from injuries, DOMS, knots, stiffness and much more. Secondly, a massage gun speeds up the recovery of your muscles after exercise. Pain and a slow recovery does not have to limit you anymore and you can reach your goals faster!

Increase Flexibility and Mobility using a Massage Gun

When blood circulation improves, just like what happens when you use a massage gun, your muscle temperature increases, according to physiotherapists. A higher temperature of the muscles, makes muscles more flexible and elastic. Just like cooked spaghetti. As with spaghetti, when you pull it, try to put a knot in it, throw it or whatever you do with spaghetti, uncooked spaghetti is very sensitive and will break in an instant. Cooked spaghetti however, can handle way more and stays fine. Needless to say, having more flexible muscles, makes them deal with a lot more (daily) movements and activity way better than uncooked spaghetti unprepared muscles. This makes you in general way more flexible and increases mobility.

Relaxes Body and Mind

We all love a good massage. During a massage, different positive hormones like endorphins and oxytocin get released. these hormones make you feel happy, at peace, content and much more. It makes sense that we like massages that much! Not only because it reliefs us from pain, but also because it actually makes you feel happy! On top of that, you muscles are kind of being cleansed. All very good benefits of massage guns, since you can use it anytime, anywhere, by yourself. You can even make it a self-care habit by lightning some candles, make yourself a tea and taking care of yourself by massaging your body.

Instant Pain Relief

One thing many people notice when using a massager is how good, intense and immediately relieving it feels. Right after you massage, you immediately feel a difference in your muscles. You’re less stiff, you feel more relaxed and your muscles feel way looser than before. This instant relieving feeling is super rewarding and has great benefits for long term feeling tense. We are humans, we love instant gratification. That is exactly what massage guns do: you massage and instantly you feel a difference.

Benefits Massager

Benefits of a Massage Gun in Use

A massage gun has a lot of benefits when using it. It is a form of wellness that you can adjust to your life, lifestyle and goals. Extremely versatile!

Different Goals and Purposes

Massage guns, like our goldygun pro have different attachments and different settings, which can be used for many different goals. The first settings are a little bit softer and are specifically nice to use on parts that are very painfull or more sensitive. The higher three settings are useful for rougher massages, for example before a workout or to have a very deep massage. The different attachments can serve different goals for everybody. The ball attachment is very versatile and can be used for both harder as softer massagers, for problem areas or to warm up. The flat attachment is often used when there’s a sensitive area or when you want to gently massage. Just feel what feels right for you!

A Massage Gun is Portable

One of the great benefits of a massage gun, is that you can take it everywhere and use it any time. Especially if you are someone who travels often or is often away from home. But also if you have regular muscle pain and cannot go to your physiotherapist every day (or take your physiotherapist on every business trip), it is a great tool to take with you. It is small of size, easy to fit into your bag and with a battery can have 120 minutes of massaging. It will become one of your essentials, that you take with you everywhere.

You can use it Yourself

This might seem a little far-fetched. Because, who cares if a massage therapist touches you? However, not liking physical contact, whether it is because of covid, feeling uncomfortable, trauma, or you’re just not the most touchy person, is completely okay! How you feel is a hundred percent valid and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. When you don’t like physical contact, a massage gun is a great addition to your wellness-stash. Since you can use it by yourself and you don’t have to get into contact with another.

Easy to use at Home

“It must not be thát bad”, “Ah yes, I know what you mean, I also have pain in my back sometimes. Don’t worry, that’s normal”. Ever gotten comments like these? These comments may make you feel misunderstood or feel like you are overreacting. However, your pain is very real and should be taken seriously. The threshold to seek help when dealing with pain can be high in the beginning. Having a massage gun at home, makes it way easier to help relief yourself from pain, helping you when whenever you want to. A massage gun is not a replacement of a health professional. We always recommend visit a professional, so you can get to the problem of the problems and get insight in your pain symptoms. However, a massage gun can be a great addition!

Benefits Massage gun

Cost and time effective

Not everyone has the money or time to visit a massage therapist on the regular. Many of us are super busy. Many of us have to be aware of what we buy and what we spend. It may feel unfair when you benefit so much from a massage, but you don’t have the money to do it as often as you would like to. A massage gun can be used from the comfort of your own home and as often as you want to use it, without it costing more the more massages you get.

Benefits of a Massage Gun compared to other Tools

Why? Why massage gun? What can the massage gun add to my life? A massage gun has its own very useful purposes compared to other tools. Not saying that you should do a Marie Kondo and throw all other things away, but a massage gun may be a great addition to your life.

Goes to the core

When looking for a massager, a massage gun that is a percussive massager, goes way deeper than for example a vibrational massager or a foam roller. Don’t get me wrong, these tools are also super beneficial and great to use. These tools are mostly beneficial to get your blood flowing. However, they don’t go as deep as a massage gun. A massage gun gives a deep tissue massage. It penetrates deep into the muscle and thus targets one problem area with more power and effectiveness. It is therefore very useful for getting rid of knots and deep pain. It also massages at a very high rate, making it more time-effective than using your hands or rollers. Want to know more about the difference between a vibrational and percussive massager? Click here.

A Massage Gun is precise

Another great benefit of a massage gun is that, in comparison with other massage tools, like massage rollers and balls, is that a massager is very precise. Because the massager has an easy grip and specific point where it massages, it is very precise. This is especially nice when you have knots or other specific pain areas in your muscles. By targeting it very thoroughly and precise, the toxins in those knots can be easily be broken and massaged away. Overall very effective, as you can see!

What do you benefit from most? Let us know!

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