4 Reasons why Massage Guns are Amazing for Reducing Muscle Pain

Massage guns have gained more and more popularity around the world. Not only amongst athletes, but also amongst your ordinary Jane and Joe. Fact is, we all have muscles (fortunately) and move our body in one way or another. With movement or lack of movement, muscle pain can develop. Massage guns are a great tool to use when dealing with pain. Want to know how this works? Here’s how.

Massage guns stimulate blood flow

It is scientifically proven that massages have a beneficial effect for local blood flow. Just like when you work-out, where your heart beats faster and your blood circulates faster through your body, a massage increases blood flow. Ok, cool. But why is it beneficial when your blood flow is increased? This is for multiple reasons:

Muscle temperature

When blood circulation improves, your muscle temperature increases, according to physiotherapists. A higher temperature of the muscles, makes muscles more flexible and elastic. Just like spaghetti. This flexibility leads to relaxed muscles.


Our blood is the flowing river of our body. Helpful nutrition and oxygen is provided to organs, including muscles, through blood. Oxygen helps to recover the tense muscles. When the circulation is faster by using a massage gun, more oxygen can arrive at your muscles at a shorter amount of time than when you’re not massaging. The healing of your muscles go faster, leading to a decrease in muscle pain.

Massage gun muscle pain relief

Decreases knots

Many of us have had knots – those hard, tense and sometimes bumpy parts in your muscle. What are those knots and what does a massage gun have to do with them?

What are knots

These knots develop by overusing a certain muscle. This can be caused even by having your computer screen too low, so you’re the muscles in and around your neck are overused. In these overused muscles, too little oxygen arrives at the muscle to provide for how much this muscle is used. And remember: your muscles need oxygen to perform activity. However, your body has a plan B for when there is not enough oxygen, but the muscle does have to perform the activity: working without oxygen. This process without oxygen forms lactic acid. Long story short: most of this acid is automatically removed by your body. However, some parts stay behind and build up to a knot over time, causing pain.

Preventing knots using a massage gun

Needless to say, more oxygen is important in preventing your muscle to form knots. As described above, massage guns improve the blood flow, therefore improving the amount of oxygen that goes to the muscles. Massaging your problem areas regularly, can help in preventing bigger knots to develop.

Relieving knots using a massage gun

What do you do when your blender has difficulty blending your banana? You break it into pieces. A massage gun does the same thing to these knots. By massaging it, carefully, the massage gun breaks down these knots, so the toxins can be easier flushed out via your blood. It directly influences the size of the knot and therefore relieves your muscle pain. 

Reducing DOMS, reducing muscle pain

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), also known as I-can-not-walk-after-my-leg-workout-pain, is a pain that easily develops a little while after your workout. Here’s the cause of why you get sore and what can help in preventing and relieving from soreness, using a massage gun.

Cause of DOMS

When doing physical activity, your muscle fibers get tiny tears – don’t worry, these microtears are completely normal and actually help to build muscle mass. Your body responds to it by trying to rebuild the muscles stronger by sending helpful nutrients that way. When repairing the muscle, it also causes inflammation. This leads to a sore feeling and muscle pain. 

Preventing DOMS using a massage gun

A massage gun can help in preventing from muscle pain by warming up the muscles well. It is proven that massage is an effective recovery technique to DOMS. As mentioned before, a massage increases blood flow, the amount of oxygen that your muscles get and warm up your muscles. When not warming up your muscles properly, the changes of injury get higher. It is really important to warm up the muscles before a workout and a massage gun is a great way to do this.

Relieving DOMS using a massage gun

According to research, massaging the muscles using percussive therapy with, for example a massage gun is effective in reducing DOMS. It is even as effective as getting a massage by a therapist. Aa massage gun reduces muscle pain by flushing toxins and other fluids that cause soreness into the blood stream. By flushing it into the blood stream, your body can get rid of them toxins. We don’t want any negativity – not even in our muscles, am I right?

Massage gun muscle pain relief

Preventing muscle pain by decreasing stress

Muscle pain can be caused by many different things. A common cause of muscle pain is stress. Even tough a massage gun doesn’t solve the cause of your stress (that would be amazing, wouldn’t it?), it does help you to relax after a long day of work. After a good massage, you feel more peaceful and restful, due to hormones like endorphins and oxytocin (all very happy hormones). Having a moment every day to relax, even if it’s just 10 minutes, decreases the level of stress over time and therefore leads to less pain.

Even though many of us struggle with muscle pain in one way or another, it doesn’t make the pain any less bothersome. A massage gun has great benefits for your body, especially when you’re dealing with any kind of muscle pain. When still in doubt, I would say: try it out and notice the difference!

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