4 Scientifically-Backed Reasons Why Percussive Therapy Is Good For You

What Is Percussive Therapy?

Percussive Therapy is one of the newest discoveries in sports recovery. A deep- tissue massager provides an accelerated burst of pressure into the tissue of your body. One of the benefits of the percussive massage is that it allows you to release muscle knots, which are the most common cause for shoulder, neck or backpain. A deep-tissue massager can repetitively reach deeper layers of the muscle than a foam roller or human hands could

Unlike in traditional massages, percussive therapy desensitizes the area surrounding the area of pain. That means it you can enjoy the benefits of a deep tissue massage without the pain while massaging the target area and get tension relief in a matter of seconds. It is the perfect tool to have at home if you have ever encountered any muscle tightness.

deep tissue massage


There is an increasing popularity in massage guns and  many other massagers on the market and making a decision can be hard, especially when cheaper options are available.

However, product quality and amplitude is what makes the difference between percussive therapy and vibration therapy. To reach the full potential and effects of a deep-tissue massage an amplitude of at least 16mm is needed to reach the deeper fascia of the muscles.

Current massage guns that offer you a percussive therapy are for example the Theragun, the TimTam and our Goldygun Pro Model.

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Percussive Therapy Benefits

1.It can prevent DOMS or better known as muscle soreness

A study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research says that percussive therapy improves muscular strength and blood circulation. The effects of the percussive therapy also improves muscle performance which can prevent DOMS.


2.It improves flexibility

The same study also says that the vibrations and tension relief result in a better range of motion. Once muscles become more flexible, they become less prone to injuries and therefore painful situations can be avoided. Deep-tissue massager are releasing tensions and they improve your posture and range of motion!

3. It increases blood circulation. 

Overtraining causes severe muscle pain—we all have probably experienced it here and there. This is because lactic acid builds up in your muscles when you do an intense workout. To release the lactic acid your blood circulation needs to be increased. Studies show that percussive therapy increases blood flow and there minimizes muscle tension and inflammation,


4. It offers quick relief to muscle soreness. 

It is fast, effective and you do not need the help of anyone else.

Massage Guns are a portable sport recovery tool that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want. You can use it in the gym pre- and post workout or use it at home whenever you feel any kind of muscle pain. It is available to you via the ease of a button press and helps you relax in a matter of seconds!‍


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